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Sculptice Body Contouring is a technique founded in Colombia and is becoming very popular in the United States. Colombia is one of the leading countries in Plastic Surgery and Body Contouring techniques. This treatment involves the use of professionals tools, purse essential oils and clays, and manual tissue manipulation with the use of lymphatic drainage techniques to help the body to eliminate stubborn fat and reduce trouble areas that would otherwise be very difficult to improve. Areas such as the tummy, thighs, back of the arms, neck, and lap area can be treated to bring them back to optimal metabolism.

Sculptice Body Contouring

Sculptice Contouring Facial Options: Acne Calming, Tightening, CBD, Sensitive | $150

Sculptice Body Contouring and Lymphatic Drainage | $190


Choose between the following blends of essential oil & extract: Coffee, Lemongrass, Wine, Strawberry, & Charcoal | $190


*Sculptice Packages: 3 / 10% , 6 / 15%, 9 / 20%


At Timeless Beauty, LLC., we are trained in the Colombian technique of lymphatic drainage and body contouring. Colombia is among the world’s leading countries in Plastic Surgery techniques as well as post-operative care.


This technique helps to facilitate healing by using gentle safe movements to the affected areas increasing the lymph flow and activating the lymph nodes. This process is very healthy for the body and especially to patients just undergoing any type of surgical procedure.


Additional benefits to post-operative lymphatic drainage include:

Release of fluid build-up from surgical procedures

Facilitates healing of bruised areas

Helps relieve pain

Helps to heal the affected tissues more thoroughly

Reduces inflammation resulting in more comfort for the patient

Helps prevent subcutaneous fibrosis minimizing scar tissue

Gives the patient a much faster recovery


(Areas treated and post operative weeks out from surgery will help determine the price, please call for a more accurate quote. Packages available.) 

Post-Opeative Lymphatic Drainage
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