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Through much prayer and meditation and the push of many friends I was moved to begin offering guided prayer sessions incorporating metaphysical healing for spiritual, emotional, & physical well being.

These prayers include use of essential oils, lymphatic stimulation such as what is used in detox body wraps, as well as the use of music, candles, and chakra tuning bowls to align the chakras. I have worked in the industry for 17 years and am combining therapies I have been taught since the beginning of my career for this service. So this is very much a fusion treatment of many combined techniques.

Through prayer and the use of my natural healing instinct, you will feel calm, at peace and able to begin the process of releasing trapped negative energy and harmful emotions.


A portion of the proceeds from these sessions will work in support of my non-profit Pink Elephants Madeline's Angels … in support of women who suffer miscarriages or the loss of their babies.

Rate per hour … $150 

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